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We have experienced personnel focused on working with investee companies in areas including, but not limited to, the following:  

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01   Hands-on Support

 Information Technology & Systems

Crescent has in-house IT experts and external advisors that work with Crescent’s portfolio companies to boost scalability, increase automation, improve information availability to the organization, enhance customer engagement and bolster operational efficiency

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Crescent has substantial experience in assisting companies to materially increase online sales through direct channels, marketplaces and social e-commerce

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03   Hands-on Support

New Products & Services

Crescent works with its portfolio companies to identify new products or services it can launch based on the market opportunity, competitive dynamics and the company’s existing capabilities

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05   Hands-on Support


Crescent regularly supports with the recruitment of senior executives and can source industry veterans for advisory roles

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New Markets

With 5 offices across China and Southeast Asia as well as deep consumer sector expertise, Crescent is able to facilitate selling into new geographies or finding partnerships to access a new market

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06   Hands-on Support

M&A & Capital Markets

Crescent assists with acquisitions and capital markets activities (e.g. an IPO) by providing advice and managing third party advisors such as investment banks, law firms and public relations firms; Crescent is often described as an “in-house” corporate finance team for its portfolio companies

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Crescent Point has worked with many industry leading companies to deliver faster growth and enhance competitive advantages. 
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