Crescent Point focuses on consumer-sector investments in China and Southeast Asia that stand out globally on a risk-reward basis. 

  • Focused on private equity investments into consumer-facing businesses

    • Crescent Point has been particularly active in seven core consumer sectors, namely:

      • FMCG & Food

      • Apparel, Sportswear, Footwear & Accessories 

      • Health, Beauty & Wellness

      • Travel & Tourism

      • Auto (Consumer-facing)

      • Consumer Enabling Services (e.g. logistics, warehousing, media, e-commerce enablers) 

      • Entertainment & Leisure

    • Crescent Point invests in both online and offline businesses

    • Crescent Point invests in a mix of “Larger Growth” companies which typically have EBITDA of US$30-US$250 million in China and US$15-US$150 million in Southeast Asia, with growth rates of 10%-50% and “Higher Growth” companies which typically have US$100+ million in revenue, limited losses and growth rates of 50%-150%

    • Target companies need to have a proven business/unit economics, large addressable market, high barriers to entry and strong management 

  • From time to time, Crescent will pursue deep value investments into consumer discretionary and/or asset-based businesses in Southeast Asia, typically when markets are choppy

    • Crescent Point invests in out-of-favor industries when high-quality assets/businesses are available at attractive prices

    • Crescent Point has flexible capital to be able to provide debt or equity solutions to complex situations